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Tattoo studio in Brighton

Would you like to find an exceptional tattoo studio in Brighton? If the answer to that question is yes, the Fade FX website is the place you need to be. Based in the heart of the UK, we are a team of specialist artists that can work from your specific designs. We are run by one of the most world-renowned artists, Fade Manning, who has a wealth of experience and is one of the only European artists that has trained in the ancient art of Iban hand tattoos.


When you are considering a tattoo, you should always be sure that you have picked the right tattoo studio in Brighton to do the job. Before we begin we start to ink your body, we will host a consultation and various discussions to ensure that you are perfectly happy with your design. When carrying out our work, we guarantee to use sterilised equipment, as well as fresh ink throughout to avoid cross-contamination and decrease the risk of infection.


Fade’s career has been the focus of multiple articles and features in the tattoo press including the magazines Skin Deep, Tattoo Master, Total Tattoo and Skin Shots. She has appeared on television and radio in the UK talking about tattooing and been the subject of a short film by Emmy award winners Ember films. All designs, from geometric patterns to mandala are completely bespoke and unique to each client.


Unfortunately, we don’t accept walk-in appointments at our tattoo studio in Brighton, so if you are interested in our work, make sure you get in contact with our team. We are available to email at, where we look reply at the earliest convenience. When emailing us, be sure to provide all the relevant information needed, including a detailed description of your tattoo, place and size on your body, prefered time and date, your budget and example pictures and designs that you have.

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