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Grab this stunning charity art book from Sea Shepherd and a white or gold print Skin FX tote and we will throw in an A3 Tattoo art for the Ocean print, worth £10, for free.


This bundle also includes a £25 donation to Sea Shepherd, who are working to protect our oceans and preserve them for years to come!


Sea Shepherd, in partnership with the London Tattoo Convention, presents the book, Victory of the Whale - Tattoo Art for the Ocean. Tattoo artists from around the world were invited to help raise awareness by creating a special design based on the 200th anniversary of the victory of a sperm whale, which defeated a whaling ship in 1820, a tale that inspired Herman Melville to write his classic novel Moby Dick. 


The bundle contains:


1 x Hardback copy of 'Victory of the Whale'

1 x Skin FX Tote bag

1 x Tattoo Art for the Ocean Print in A3

1 x £25 donation to Sea Shepherd


Sea Shepherd x Skin FX Bundle

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