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Best tattoo parlour Brighton

Have you been searching for the best tattoo parlour in Brighton? If you have been, be sure to visit the Fade FX website today. We were founded and run by the internationally renowned tattoo artist Fade Manning, who is one of the only European artists to be trained in the ancient art of Iban hand tap tattooing. All of this experience and knowledge has been passed into the business, where our work is now immediately recognisable for the standards produced.


In order for us to be known as the best tattoo parlour in Brighton, we produce more than just a basic design. This includes geometric patterns, mandala dot-work and fractal tattoos, as well as the conventional concepts. Within our store, we have design templates available, however, we encourage customer interaction to make the projects extra personalised. We especially love working with a challenge, though we are always happy to tattoo simple and small designs.  


A service that we take great pride in providing is our scar cover up tattoos. This is because we recognise that anyone can have a history or a situation that may have affected them, which is why we love to help clients to hide their injuries. One particular service that we feel strongly about is helping women that have gone through breast cancer. The use of mastectomy tattoos is used due to their realistic portrayal of the areola/nipples which have been removed as a result of their condition.


When you visit the best tattoo parlour in Brighton, we guarantee to use only clean and sterilised equipment, ensuring no infections will occur as a result of our work. Once the tattoo is completed, we will provide specialist cream and necessary guidelines to follow at home to ensure that the result is maintained for years to come. If at any point the ink begins to fade, you are more than welcome to revisit our studio, where we can apply a touch up to ensure that the tattoo remains visible throughout.


As one of the best tattoo parlours in Brighton, it’s important you get in contact quickly to ensure we are available at a suitable time and date. Simply send an email to, where it’s key to include details of your design, available time and dates, and the budget that you have possible. We will then get back to you at the earliest convenience and will look to book a consultation to begin the planning process for your tattoo.

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